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On a personal note...Father's Day

Dad is always that one man that will always be in your life. Other men come and go but he is there in your life forever. My dad is another person who had a lot of influence over me and taught me a lot of things. It was crazy when I started to get an allowance, he had me tracking my finances. I'm thinking "What do I need this for? All I buy is candy and barbie stuff!!" But it was a valuable lesson I needed to learn and I'm grateful for that. I knew how to put money away to save and track how much I was spending. I was able to save over $4000 for my first car which I couldn't believe that I did. He was always reading to me and teaching me things about life and how to survive in the real world. I can be shy sometimes but I remember my dad would always send me into the fast food restaurant to order our food. I used to hate going inside but it taught me how to talk to people and not be so shy. I didn't understand why at that time but I do now. I guess that's the thing with parents. They teach you things they know you will need in life. They know you won't understand it at first but know you will need it in life. My dad really stressed the importance of a good education and to strive for success. He wanted me to successful and great at whatever I was destined to do in life. He was always there for support and someone to talk to. He also taught me that I needed to be independent and stand on my own but if I needed help, not be afraid to ask for it. He stressed the importance of just always learning new things and challenging yourself. My dad loves being a grandfather, its a new role he has taken on. My son has another male figure to look up to because I always admired my dad. He always worked hard to provide for his family and be there. I thank my dad for all the lessons he has taught me, I'm still learning some of them but I'm grateful for the knowledge I have.

Another father that is special is my boyfriend. He has taken this father role and ran with it. I love watching him interact with our son. My son is always talking about daddy and loves guy time. He is setting such a good example for our son and I'm glad that he is in our life. I couldn't of asked for a better father for my child. I know when we decide to have more, they are going to love him just like he is so loved now. We both stepped into parenthood not knowing what to expect and we are doing a really good job. They do say that boys are Mommas boys but I think he's Daddy's Boy more. Daddy is his best friend and I'm just Mommy lol!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!! Hope you enjoy your day!!

~** Drea Notes**~

There will not be a post on Sunday, next one will be Tuesday.

When did people stop saying "Excuse Me" and using manners??

Tried the Oprah Chai Tea today, it's actually pretty good!!


  1. Sounds like you got two great men in your life!

    1. I sure do! Thanks for reading Tanya!!

  2. father's day always kinda bums me out. i do have men in my life but they just aren't worthy of the title. but i'm so happy for those that do!

    1. I'm sorry to here that Elle. Hope future ones can be better for you. Thanks for reading.


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