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October Birchbox and Ipsy

Happy Friday!! I'm excited for my son's Halloween parade at school later! Is anyone doing anything fun for Halloween or going to any parties this weekend? Well today's post is about what I got in my beauty boxes this month. Let's get into the unboxing.

So that is it for my October Birchbox and Ipsy. What did you get this month? Comment below and let me know! Enjoy the weekend and be safe. See you guys Sunday!

Have you checked my thoughts on my new beauty subscription, Essence Beauty Box??

~**Drea Notes**~
I'm also excited for all the candy my son will get Trick or Treating! We don't let him eat too much lol!
I can't wait for Thanksgiving, its one of my favorite holidays!!
Has anyone started Christmas shopping yet? I need to start soon!

October Essence Beauty Box

Happy Thursday! I can't believe Halloween will be here Saturday! Today I'm bringing a new beauty box that I'm subscribed to. Essence is one of my favorite magazines to read and when I saw that they were coming out with a subscription service, I had to sign up. It is $15 a month and it works like every other subscription. Let's get into what I got in the first box!

So that is it for the first Essence Beauty Box. Are you subscribed? What were your thoughts? Comment below and let me know. Enjoy the weekend and see you Friday!!

Have you checked out my previous post, Shopping My Beauty Samples?

Shopping My Beauty Samples

Happy Thursday!! It seems like Summer is still trying to hold on lol! Today is another post from my Shopping My Beauty Samples series. Let's get into the reviews.

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara

Box It Came From: Birchbox Full Size or Sample Size: Sample Size Price Point: 25.00 Review: I was pretty excited to try this mascara out. I always love trying out new mascaras. I have been loving this mascara. It makes my lashes look so long and it really separates them. Here is what the wand looks like.

I really like how it is curved so it hugs your lash line and gets your lashes evenly. I'm not sure about purchasing the full size, this sample seems like it would last me for a while but I may invest in the full size at some point. I have a picture for another sample where I am wearing the mascara.

Mitchell and Peach Fine Radiance Face Oil

Box It Came From: Ipsy
Full Size or Sample Size: Sample Size
Price Point: 46.30
Review: I really like using facial oils with my nighttime regiment. This oil has a b…

Ole Henriksen The Works Review

Happy Football Sunday!! My team plays tomorrow night (And I'm hoping they win please lol) but I've been enjoying the games today. I found myself in Sephora a couple weeks ago forgetting that I'm on a makeup no buy and purchased this skincare set instead. I tried a couple samples by Ole Henriksen and have been loving this brand so far. I thought this set would be great to try out more products to see if they would work with my skin.

This set was 48.00 and comes with 5 skincare products to use day and/or evening. I already love the moisturizer that comes in this set and was excited to try everything else. Let's get into the reviews on each product.
African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser

It was hard for me to try a new cleanser because I'm still obsessed with my Aveeno ones. Directly from the Ole Henriksen website, this cleanser is enriched with anti-aging botanical extracts like naturally antioxidant-rich african red tea and Vitamin C. Its soothing, non-drying formula is st…

On A Personal Note.....

Happy Sunday! Fall weather is really here and I'm loving it! I was just inspired to write this from some things that happened at my job. I come across a lot of people and it just bothers me sometimes that they are so impatient. They try to rush a lot things that need time to happen. It made me think of how I used to be. I was so impatient and wanted things to happen when I wanted them to. I would get so frustrated about things and it took me a little bit to realize I needed to be patient and learn to wait. Like the saying goes, good things come to those who wait and that is very true. I had to learn the hard way that things will fall into place when they are supposed to and it is okay to wait for things to happen. Sometimes you can't help but get excited and want things right away but it is so worth it when it comes at the right time. I just want to say to those of you reading this that everything will fall into place when it is the right time and will be worth waiting for. Li…

Shopping My Beauty Samples

Happy Thursday!! I am loving this warm Fall weather so far. I haven't been in my beauty samples enough lately but I have tried a few that I wanted to share today. Let's get into the reviews.

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

Sample Size or Full Size: Sample Size
Box It Came From: Sephora
Price Point: Between $18-72
Review: I got this primer when I redeemed 100 points at Sephora (I'm there a lot lol). I have heard so many things about this primer, I had to try it for myself. I really like the silky texture of this primer and how smooth it goes on. You have to be careful with how much you apply because it can give a white cast on your face. It gives my foundation a nice, flawless look and covers pores very well. I do get very oily in my T-Zone but other than that, I really love this primer. I may invest in the full size but this travel size has a lot of product that will last for a while.

Wei Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask

Sample Size or Full Size: Sample Size Box It Came From: Birchbox

Nivea In Shower Body Lotion Review

Happy Thursday!! It has been another crazy week at work!! Classes start again next week and I'm trying to get mentally prepared! Today's post is going to be a review on the Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion I've been trying out for a while. Let's get into the review.

Excuse the bottle, it's been in the shower for a while lol

I saw this in Walmart one day and thought it would be great for those mornings I'm running late. I already love the Nivea Body lotion that saved my skin last Winter so I figured this would work just as well. The concept behind this is to save some time getting ready in the morning and gives you that moisturized skin in the shower. This comes in three different lotions for different skin types. I picked up the very dry skin and there is also one for dry skin and normal to oily skin. 

You would cleanse your skin like you normally would then apply this all over, rinse off and you are ready to go. I love the consistency of this lotion. It feels so sm…