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Review on Shopping My Beauty Samples-Week 4

It seems like April just flew by because May will be here soon! I'm glad the Spring Weather is here, I'm loving it!! So here are my reviews on the products I used this week!!

Bvlgari Tea Bag For Bath

Box it came from: Glossybox
Full Size or Sample Size: Full Size
Price Point: 9.50
Review: Funny thing is, I rarely take baths. I don't really have time to sit and relax in one, I'm always on the go. I was really curious about this product, how it would work and be like. I was trying to figure out when I would have time to even take a bath this week and my wonderful boyfriend made that happen. He just finished giving our son a bath and I heard the water running again so I figured he was cleaning the tub. Well, I kept hearing the water running and I'm like "what kind of cleaner is he using that takes so long??" I go to the bathroom and he's running a bath for me!! According to him, the tea bag didn't make bubbles, it just made the water a milky color. So he put bubble bath in the tub also. Here is what the bag looked like.

Sorry, I had to pull it out the tub lol. The aroma it gave my bathroom was so wonderful!! It felt so relaxing and I really enjoyed it. I would use this again, it was pretty interesting. Oh and I also got candles and wine while Mommy got to relax for about an hour!!

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara

Box it came from: Birchbox
Full Size or Sample Size: Sample Size
Price Point: 21.00
Review: I've used body products by this company and really loved them!! I always enjoy using products that are good for you and made from pure ingredients that you can pronounce lol!! I was pretty excited when I saw this in my box. It smells so good, I have the one with Black Tea but it smells like blueberries to me. It really defined my lashes and gave them really great volume! I would use this mascara again, I really enjoyed it! Well, I'm still using it until it's empty lol!! Here is picture of the wand.

Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Hydro Gel Mask

Box it came from: Glossybox
Full Size or Sample Size: Full Size
Price Point: 6.00
Review: Now when I saw this, I was like "Um snail on my face, yuck!!" I put it in my drawer and was scared to use it lol! I didn't know what to expect from this mask. I will say it was very interesting. It was super slippery like a snail is. The mask came it two halves, one for the top and one for the bottom. It was kind of difficult to remove the film from the mask because it was so slippery. It just felt very different on my face, I don't know how to describe it. I left it on for about a half hour and my skin really felt so soft and smooth. I don't know if I would repurchase this one but it wasn't so bad after all. Here is what the mask looked like and I just happened to have washed my hair that day too. 

Joan Vass Perfume

Box it came from: Birchbox
Full Size or Sample Size: Sample Size
Price Point: 75.00
Review: Yes, I have a few perfume samples and I really like receiving them! I really enjoyed using this one. I loved the scent, it was pretty sweet to me even through its described as being clean and citrusy. It's perfect for this time of year. I honestly have not purchased an actually perfume for more than 40.00 and I usually get them from Victoria's Secret. I don't think I would repurchase this one but it was great to use for the week.

Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels

Box it came from: Birchbox
Full Size or Sample Size: Full Size
Price Point: 8 pairs for 30.00
Review: I've used a moisturizer by this company and I really liked using it. I was kinda excited to see this in my box. I didn't know what to expect from this product but I really enjoyed using it. Here is what the eye gels look like.

You would of course wash your face first, then peel the backing off and place the gel side under your eyes and leave on for 10 minutes. Here is what they look like on. Excuse my crazy looking hair, I did this before going to bed.

I didn't feel a cooling sensation at all but when I took them off, I looked refreshed and not so tired. It brightened under my eye area and it just looked so good. I think I would repurchase this. 

Pida Exfoliating Gel

Box it cam from: Beauty Army
Full Size or Sample Size: Sample Size
Price Point: 54.00
Review: This was also another interesting product that I tried. Just from reading the outside, I thought this was a regular exfoliator. When I opened it, it looked like clear gel that you use in your hair. I didn't see any beads or anything that would make it look like it would exfoliate my skin. So I applied to my face and it just felt like a gel until it started to bead up and that was the dead skin cells. I was really surprised by this. My skin was left feeling super soft, I was really impressed!! Now for this price, I don't know if I would repurchase but I really loved this one!!

Embryolisse Nourishing Moisturizer

Box it came from: Birchbox
Full Size or Sample Size: Sample Size
Price Point: 16.00
Review: I've seen a few makeup artist that I watch on YouTube raving about this moisturizer. I was pretty happy to see it in my box so I could try it out for myself. Now I see what they are talking about. This moisturizer really keeps my skin moisturized, it feels so soft and works well under your makeup. I just really like this moisturizer but I have to watch how much I apply to my face because one day my T-Zone was pretty oily. I would repurchase this one.

So that's it for this weeks reviews. I have just one more left for the end of April and I can't wait for May!!! Have you used any of these products? What were your thoughts on them? Comment below and let me know!!

~** Drea Notes**~

I was at the mall earlier and did not stop to look any makeup even though I'm mad that I can't purchase anything from Mac's Playland line!! The colors are so pretty!! :(

This is going to become a regular series since I am still receiving monthly boxes. I'm really enjoying this so much!!

I figured out Bloglovin' and I'm on there now. You can follow me here


  1. yay! glad you liked the skyn eye gels! I need to try these out!

    1. Yes I really did enjoy using them Tanya, you should try them out!! Thanks for reading!!


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