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The Fearless Conference

The Fall weather is officially here! I started to pull out my jackets and long sleeve shirts, I love this time of the year. Today I am going to be talking about my weekend at The Fearless Conference. 

This is the second year for this conference that was created by Melissa Alam. This conference was created to get women together to empower and encourage women to not be afraid of taking those leaps of faith and go for what they desire to do. You get to be around like minded women and get advice, tips and motivation from those that have learned to become fearless in different industries. You can learn more about the conference RIGHT HERE!!

A little while back I was contacted by Ahiyana Angel of Life According To Her to go on her behalf and takeover her Instagram stories. I was super excited and flattered that someone thought of me to do something on their behalf. I couldn't wait to attend the event. We stayed in contact to map out a plan for the weekend and she was very encouraging that I was going to do a good job. 

The Fearless Conference is held for two days. You can choose one of the days or attend both. The first day was full of workshops and a happy hour at the end. You were able to choose between two different workshop tracks and you could move from each one depending on the ones you were interested in, I was just blown away by the information and advice I was hearing. One of the workshops featured Jess Edelestein, co founder of PiperWai. Her story of how she turned her side hustle into a multi million dollar business was just amazing. Her company, which sells natural deodorant was featured on Shark Tank and I was just soaking up everything. What stood out to me was when she said that you have to be resilient. I loved how she didn't let anything get her down and she stuck to what she believed in and has become successful. I also learned from another workshop another way to really use Pinterest to make inspiration boards. I feel like I have been using it wrong all this time lol. I also learned more on how to use social media to my advantage. After all the workshops were done, we got to enjoy a happy hour so we can relax and network with other attendees. There was also of photo booth so you could take some fun keepsake pictures.

I had the pleasure of conducting an interview with Melissa for Life According To Her and she is so down to earth and so sweet. I love that she created this event for empowering and uplifting women. You can check out the interview on Life According To Her's YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!

The second day was full of keynote speakers, Live Q&A and a few panels. Before everything started, there was lunch, the photo booth and you could also get you hair and/or makeup done and take some professional headshots. It was also a time to network and talk among the other attendees.

After all that fun, the day began with keynote speaker Amanda Steinberg founder and CEO of Daily Worth and Worth FM. She was such an amazing speaker and really encouraged us to know about our finances and how to really invest and save. There was live Q&A session with the co-founder of LOLA, Jordnan Kier. She helped launch a tampon subscription service (we got a sample in our swag bags lol). I love how she just went against the neigh sayers and put out a product that is made with 100% cotton. Next we sat in on a series of panels from different people taking about how to manage your work/life balance, how to be your own boss and how women can stand in a male dominated workforce. I loved hearing everyone's advice, perspectives and encouragement. 

After everything was done, it was time to go home and apply what you learned. I just love that it was such a judgment free zone. Everyone was super nice and down to earth. We all just talked and got along so well. It was refreshing to be around a group that is all about empowering other, wanting to see everyone succeed and just giving women that extra encouragement. I loved every minute of the conference and will be back again next year. I am so thankful to Ahiyana for the opportunity to takeover her Instagram stories and be reporting live from the conference lol. It was a little hard for me at first because I had my phone, camera and tablet at the same time. I was getting footage for both myself and Ahiyana lol. I was a pro by day 2! We need more women coming together for a positive purpose and spreading that around and encouraging others.



  1. this sounds like such an awesome and uplifting experience!!

    1. It really was and just an amazing experience. Thanks for stopping by Elle!

  2. This sounds like such a great event and learning experience. I would definitely like to attend something like this near me! Thanks for sharing your experience Drea.

    1. I hope they do have something like this near you, so worth going to. Thanks for reading Tanya!!


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