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Happily Ever Johnson- Updates

It is crazy how you expect things to be vs reality of things. I can say that I expected different when planning a wedding and it is pretty much not how TV and movies made it look lol. Everyone has a different experience and mine is not like everyone else's. I'm just glad in a way that I'm not as stressed but this every little detail thing...ugh! I can say I have said YES to a dress! It was such a hard decision because I was between two dresses and it was so hard trying to choose one. I went with the one I kept thinking about, kept looking at the picture of myself in that dress over and over. I am so happy with my choice and can't wait til you guys see it. We have started our registries and still trying to put stuff on there. I didn't realize there was so much stuff and just trying to figure out what we really need and what to put on there. If I could I would put everything but you do have to narrow it down so people are not printing out a 20 page registry list. It can get overwhelming trying to shop for someone, I have shopped for many registries lol. I am getting a little frustrated because of this Zika virus that is around now. We want to have more children and it could be a risk for us having this destination wedding. I'm really trying to figure now the best thing to do. We both really don't want to change our plans again but on the other hand, we want to be healthy to have more kids ....ugh ...decisions...decisions...decisions. At the end of the day, I just want my Dad to walk me down the aisle and have memories with my husband (of course I want to slay in a wedding dress lol). In the meantime we are getting the Save The Dates together and I already started looking at invitations. I've been online and in stores looking. I want something that has our color scheme and just something really elegant and nice. I found this website Minted that you can request a free kit from.

They basically send you a couple sample invitations, different kinds of paper, colors, font and so on. This was so helpful so I can determine what style of invitation I would like. Hopefully it won't be so hard to pick out invitations lol. That is basically where we are right now with the planning. Let me know where you ordered your invitations from or any recommendations. Enjoy the rest of the week and see you guys Thursday!


~**Drea Notes**~

I have a busy, fun weekend ahead of me. I can't wait to hang out with some of my close friends and have a good time.

I really want to change my hair color but don't know what color and how my hair would react. 


  1. SO glad you picked your dress! Can't wait to see it! The zika virus is def scary...I feel like invitations were the easy part for me. Just pick a color that you want to be part of your wedding and go from there.

    1. Me too,, it was such a hard decision lol! I hope this invitation process is easy lol. Thanks for reading Tanya!!

  2. I'm afraid of the Zika virus also....our family is going on a cruise during the Christmas time and we are stopping at some stops that are affected by Zika.

    1. I haven't been on a cruise in so long. Yea it is a scary thing, hopefully it is not as bad next year. Thanks for stopping by E!


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