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I Need New Friends Brunch

If I told you I was extremely shy when I was younger, I don't think you would believe it but it is true. I would not just go up to people and talk to them or know how to really carry a conversation. I just liked being to myself but have come out of my shell since then. There are times where I can act a little shy but it's not as bad. I honestly didn't know how to network before or really attended a networking event in the past. I made this goal in a previous series, Resolute Beauty Blogger to get around to attending a blogging event and actually got to one. I just realized I never blogged about that event but you can read about it briefly RIGHT HERE!

When I saw this event on Instagram, I hopped right on it and knew I had to go! I'm really trying to get myself out there and gain more exposure. I also wanted to meet more people, network and really meet some new friends! I was super excited but so nervous at the same time. I was kind of forcing myself to go alone so I can work on making those connections and conversations. If I am going to being successful at blogging, I had to know how to really connect with others and network. So let's get into the event!

Well first a little background on I Need New Friends. These networking brunches were created by Ahiyana Angel and Sable B(I love them by the way!!). The purpose of these brunches is to help connect like minded professional women together that are looking for other women to connect with and make new friends. It gives you the chance to meet women from different professional backgrounds, walks of life and just someone new. This was something I really needed and I'm so happy I attended.

The brunch was held at this restaurant called Valanni. I have never been to this place but I loved it. The food and drinks were amazing. If you are ever in Philadelphia, you have to go. You can check out the site for the restaurant HERE!!

I made sure to have plenty of my business cards and questions ready! I love how intimate this event was so you had the chance to meet everyone and get around the room comfortably. When you arrived, you were greeted by the hosts of the event and they were so welcoming! Everyone had a place to sit based on the seating curation survey you filled out before coming. You were seated around those with similar results.

We also got a book by Eric Jerome Dickey called The Blackbirds. I cannot wait to get into the book (hopefully I can find time to read it lol).

 I felt very comfortable being there and immediately started chatting with the ladies around me. I didn't feel that shyness at all or felt stand offish. Everyone was sweet, funny and down to earth. Most of us had so much in common and I felt like I was finding some new friends. So the hosts wanted to officially welcome everyone, gave a little background on how they started the brunches and for everyone to get around the room and have a good time. I love how they both came around and talked with everyone. It was great getting to know them. Did I mention the food was good? We had our choice off a pre-selected menu and had our choice of a drink as well(I had Sangria and it was very good lol).

I had the Greek Omelette and it was so good. I actually finished my food before everyone else (I was hungry and if you know me, I'm greedy too and don't waste time eating lol).

After eating we all continued our conversations, getting around the room and exchanging information. It was just an amazing time and I met some amazing women. I'm so happy that I attended, it was so well worth it.

Funny story....they had the banner where you could take a picture and Sable was trying to take my picture with her camera and for some reason it was wasn't working. After a few tries she said we can try again a little later. Soon the camera was working and when we tried again, it stopped working lol! At some point it did work and it was just funny. She thanked me for being so patient and understanding the struggle with the camera. Good thing I was wearing my comfortable heels that day lol. Here is a picture of us before I left the event.

I highly recommend attending one of their brunches. It was an amazing, well put together event and you will definitely benefit from it. I know I did and plan to keep in touch with everyone I met. Please check out I Need New Friends on the site RIGHT HERE!! You will also find out more information on the creators as well.

Have you attended a networking event? What was your experience? Comment below and let me know. See you guys Thursday!!

Have you checked out my previous post on my April Goal Results and May Goals??

~**Drea Notes**~

I can't believe I have an actual Midterm and Final exams to study for in this class!! Ugh!

I'm super excited about out engagement announcement that came in!! I'll talk about that in my wedding series!


  1. This seems like a cool event. I don't go to many blogging events because its a long drive into the city during rush hour and the events are usually a week night at 6. I work until 530 so I have had to ask to leave early to go to the ones I have attended. There aren't any beauty events most are blogger meet up, blogging workshops, and a could fashion events at high end boutiques (which I can't afford haha). I do need to step out of my comfort zone because when I do go, I cling to my friend El who also blogs. I enjoyed reading your experience!

    1. I find some events but they always conflict with my schedule or something else I have going on. Hopefully more events will come along! Thanks for reading Tanya!


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