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Thursday Reviews: Shopping My Beauty Samples

Happy late Thursday! Man things have been a little crazy this week but things are going well. I haven't done a post in this series in such a long time. I have so many samples waiting to be reviewed. So let's get right into the reviews!!

Nourish Organic Renewing Eye Cream

Box It Came From: Ipsy
Full Size or Sample Size: Sample Size
Price Point: 19.99
Review: I really enjoyed using this eye cream. The under eye area stayed moisturized and felt smooth. I loved the consistency of this, it wasn't too thick and blended in very well. Mostly likely, I would repurchase this.

Dove Pure Dry Oil

Box It Came From: Ipsy and Walmart
Full Size or Sample Size: Sample Size
Price Point: 9.00
Review: Funny thing is that I received two samples of this products in different boxes. I really love the scent of this oil! It has a rich, thick texture but it not too heavy. It doesn't feel greasy at all and works so well with my hair. I would most definitely repurchase this hair oil.

Marc Anthony Oil Of Morocco  Argan Oil Hair Spray

Box It Came From: Ipsy
Full Size or Sample Size: Sample Size
Price Point: 8.99
Review:  I normally don't use hair spray when but decided to give this a try when I straightened my hair. It does smell like the typical hair spray but doesn't stay around long. My hair didn't feel sticky or hard at all and my curls stayed all day. I was really impressed with this hair spray. I think I would purchase the full size.

Pacifica Duo #2 Shadows and Ethereal Shadow

Box It Came From: Ipsy
Full Size or Sample Size: Full Size
Price Point: Unsure
Reviews: I really love the colors of the shadows. They are great neutral colors for everyday. The colors were not what I expected when I used them. They are a little sheer but you can build up the color. I would  most likely purchase other products from this brand. Here are swatches of each shadow.

Makeup Forever Smoky Extravagent Mascara

Box It Came From: Sephora
Full Size or Sample Size: Sample Size
Price Point: 24.00
Review: I got this mascara with racking up 100 points at Sephora. I have only tried foundation from Makeup Forever so I excited to try another product. I really love this mascara! It really enhanced my natural lashes and made them look so long and full. The wand is so interesting to me, here is a picture of it. I would repurchase the full size!!

City Colors Creamy  Lip Stain in Flirtini

Box It Came From: Ipsy
Full Size or Sample Size: Full Size
Price Point: 5.00
Review: I was excited to receive this lip stain. I haven't had a lot of luck with many lip stains and hoped this would be good. I really love the color of this lip stain and it is very pigmented. It didn't feel drying at and had a pretty good wear time. I would repurchase these. Here is a swatch.

Mica Beauty Mineral Eye Shadow in Harlequin

Box It Came From: Ipsy
Full Size or Sample Size: Full Size
Price Point: 14.95
Review: I really love this pigment. The color is so gorgeous and it is so pigmented. There is very little fall out when applying this. I love the packaging and the top so you don't spill anything. Here is a picture of the inside packaging and a swatch. I would purchase more mineral eyeshadows. 

So that is it for Shopping My Beauty Samples. I have a lot more samples to review so be on the look out for more post in this series. Have you tried anything else products If you have, what were your thoughts? Comment below and let me know! See you for Fashion Sundays!!

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~**Drea Notes**~
 next month
I got a 95 on my Power Point project. Now I have a paper due soon lol!!

Can't believe my son is going to be 4 next month!! Where does the time go?

My blog will be two next month. Thinking of trying the giveaway again.


  1. Replies
    1. Me too! I may purchase some more of them! Thanks for stopping by Tanya!

  2. Nice beauty samples! The Dove Pure Dry Oil sounds really interesting! Great reviews!

    1. The Dove oil really is great for your hair! I think you would like it! Thanks for reading Pilar!

  3. The eye cream sounds lovely! I also like the look of the shadows!

    Keisha xo

    1. Thanks Keisha, I really did like the eye cream and the shadows too!


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