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On a personal note.....

It feels like time is going by too fast. I can't believe that my wedding will be here next month and I'm keeping pretty calm (when on the inside I'm screaming and running with my hands in the air)! I feel like I've been in wedding planning mode for so long, I won't know what to do with myself afterwards lol. The new job is going well so far. There were a few times I started to doubt myself in the position because things got a little rough and I felt like I had to be an expert at it. I felt like I had to prove something because I was finally given this opportunity and wanted to show that I could do this job. I didn't want to make mistakes and felt like I had to be somewhat perfect. I had to remind myself that there is not such thing as being perfect, it is okay not to know everything at once. I had to remember that things take time and you can't rush things. There is still so much to learn and I had to remind myself that they did pick the right person for this job. I am doing a pretty good job so far and so proud of that. I feel like things are starting to fall into place and looking good. There are so many things I want to and accomplish personally and professionally. I only want to be successful and not have any regrets on not stepping out on faith and taking that risk. All I can do is try and if it doesn't work out, it is okay, at least I gave it a try. I never know what could come of something if I don't take a risk. I'm just so excited for the new role in my life and actually going by a new last name! I've been practicing my new signature lol. I know it is going to be a bit of an adjustment but I know we will be happy and love this journey together. Any recommendations for a camera to film with? I'm in the market for a new one and waiting until after the wedding to purchase one. I know there are so many out there but just want one I can record videos and vlog with. I'm just glad that I am in a good place and being set up for success. I'm looking forward to everything that is coming my way.


**~Drea Notes~**

There are so many good movies that are coming out this Summer. My son is super excited about all the kid ones lol!

I'm looking forward to seeing what new Summer T.V shows are coming out. I'm looking forward to Animal Kingdom and I need to catch up on Suits. What Summer shows do you watch?


  1. I'm glad you are finally adjusting to your new job and happy! You must be SO excited for your wedding to come!

    1. Thanks Tanya! I really am and trying not to stress lol!

  2. Sounds like things are going well for you Drea! I'm so happy for you! You're wedding is quickly approaching! I know this is an exciting time for you and your loved ones!

  3. I remember back in HS when I was practicing signatures with my crush's last name hehehe. I never thought to practice before I got married lol! I'm glad everything's going well with the new job, and yes don't be afraid to say I don't know - it's better to let them know than pretend you do and mess up later - as what hubby has told me before too =)

    1. Lol I did the same thing in HS! I will always ask a million questions until I understand something. Thanks for reading Jackie!


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