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On A Personal Note.....

**A little disclaimer that I am speaking on the recent event that have been going on and I am not intentionally offending anyone, just speaking what has been on my mind and what I have been feeling.**

The events of last week had me feeling so emotional and at a lost for words. It really got to me because I am a mother and those innocent children lost a loving parent. My heart went out to those families and I just cried seeing how it affected them, especially that 4 year old who watched her father die in the car. That really hit a nerve with me because that will haunt that child for the rest of their life. It made me feel so much fear for my son and fiance, especially for my son. I want him to be able to grow up in a world where he is not wrongfully punished for his skin color or be judged just because of that. I didn't want my son to be walking around fearing for his life. This made me think of Martin Luther King Jr and how he fought so hard for equality, peace and justice in a non violent way. He just wanted everyone to be treated fairly and equally. He saw a vision for this country that is now lost. It seems like this nation is going backwards and not pushing forward. Our children deserve a future that is bright like Martin's dream. Our children deserve more that what is going on now. I wish this nation would see what it is doing, how they are treating each other and just how it seems that things are falling apart.

I felt like I needed to use my platform to do something to help my community. I didn't want to just sit there and not do anything. I started to think and it came to me the other day. I'm going to start highlighting Black Owned Businesses on the Facebook page for this blog. I want to support my people by taking this small step. A lot of people may not know of too many Black Owned companies and businesses and I know those businesses now are looking for our support. I honestly didn't know too many and after doing some research found so many. I was just getting all excited and just want to support everyone I can. I feel like this is a small step that I'm hoping makes an impact. I'm not looking for anything in return, I just want to show my support and do something. I hoping this starts a chain reaction with other people to start supporting each other again. I'm very passionate about this and will not give up if nothing really happens. I'll feel good because I did something.

I debated on writing this part but I shouldn't be afraid to write anything on here because this is mine and my platform. I feel like a lot of people do not understand why we get upset when we only say #BlackLivesMatter instead of #AllLivesMatter. I agree that all lives should matter but most of the time, our lives are not included in that. I am for everyone being treated equally and fairly and getting along. I love everyone no matter what color you are, what your religion is, your sexual orientation, your beliefs, your disbelief's but the way our race is treated sometimes is unfair, especially when we are hateful towards each other. Yes I said that. We are so quick to be jealous when someone else is successful and starts to climb up that latter and you just sit there and hate on them when you have the same opportunity to gain that success. I root for everyone that buys a house, gets a new car, gets engaged, gets married, has a baby, gets a new job, starts a new business and so on. I've had people hate me so much because they thought that I thought I was better than everyone. If you actually took the time to get to know me, you would know that I am nothing like that. I am the most down to earth, funny, loving and caring person I know and I don't pass judgement on anyone. I used to get so upset about when someone didn't like me or talked about me or said false things about me. I didn't understand it but now it just doesn't bother me. Everyone is not going to like you but you should respect each other not matter what you look like. The other day we were out at the store with my son and there were other kids of a different race. They said hi to each other and started playing, laughing and just being happy. That warmed my heart because they just saw someone else to play with and I wish this nation can be like that. We can just not see color and just see a person. We don't assume about some different because of their color or your bad experience. Everyone is not the same, everyone is not what you "hear" or see portrayed. There are so many good people out there if you take the time to get to know them, Until that day happens where we can all stand as one, when we are not looked down on or judged, when we are treated as an equals, when this senseless violence and killings stop, when law is in everyone's favor, when Martin's dream is fulfilled.....we are still going to say #BlackLivesMatter until it can be #AllLivesMatter honestly and truly. Yes I was so heartbroken over the Orlando tragedy, it broken my heart. None of those people deserved to lose their lives. They were just going out to have a good time, relieve some stress, just get out the house and ended up on the news. I was appalled at the those who condemning them because of their sexual orientation. People were being very insensitive and it was hurtful to read some of those comments. Their families lost a loved one and they have to deal with that pain and heartbreak, they had to notify others in the family, plan a funeral or memorial service and say goodbye. People didn't realize that their comments were just not called for. Just like when those men were gunned down, there was a lot of silence. The ignorant comments were everywhere but no sympathy for those families. If you are about humanity for everyone, you should of been just as outraged. Wrongfully taking someone's life is just flat out wrong, not matter who that person is.

And no I don't not agree with violence and the killing of law enforcement because you are angry and upset with what has been happening. My heart went out those police officers that were killed out of anger or in thought it would solve something. More families lost loved ones and have to deal with this pain and heartbreak. Violence doesn't not solve anything. Two wrongs do not make a right. I just hope those are brought to justice that have committed those crimes and the justice system starts to work again.


  1. I am really scared for our future and the future of our children. I know racism,prejudice,hate has always been around but I NEVER remember it being an issue growing up like it is today. I don't understand it. I have not spoken on social media about it because I don't want to get into debates or fights with people. If us "white people" don't speak up we are ignorant and ignoring the issue. But if we speak our opinions we get attacked verbally. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and you can say things without being offensive. I read this post nothing thinking "oh this is coming from a black woman" but this is coming from a HUMAN BEING. I respect you for putting yourself out there and I too hope this world changes for the better. I just don't know what it will take for that to happen....

    1. Thank you so much Tanya, I really appreciate it!! You never know how people may take this but I totally agree with you. I hope things get better too!

  2. By the way,this post wasn't offensive at all and you can tell it came from a positive place not negative

  3. This is such a heartfelt post Drea. This post wasn't offensive at all you can tell it comes from a place of sincerity and concern. I don't have any children yet, but with these recent events in the news makes me concerned for my future children. All this killing is so sad and senseless. The racial profiling, the cop killing, and all other terrible things, when does it end?! It makes you wonder what are some people's views on human life who do these awful things?! I can only hope that one day that these types of these horrific acts acts of violence will come to an end.

    1. Thank you so much. I really hope for peace and just for all this to calm down and people can see eye to eye for once.


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